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Heat shrinkable tubing

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Sale of wholesale heat shrink tubing

To carry out refurbishment and maintenance work, it may be necessary to purchase a good number of heat shrink tubing. In these cases, choosing small retailers or non-specialized commercial activities may not be the best solution, both from an economic and a qualitative point of view. This is why it is always advisable to prefer a wholesale seller who can offer quality and convenience at the same time. Our company Errebishop specializes in the sale of wholesale heat shrink tubing, cables and wiring accessories. Furthermore, all our items can be purchased online on our platform easily and safely and, in addition to being manufactured according to all safety standards, they offer the customer a highly competitive price and a huge choice of the best models and accessories. It has been possible to achieve all this thanks to our twenty years of experience and our 2 specialized factories, which are able to satisfy the requests of each customer. Furthermore, the work of our qualified staff has allowed us to become, currently, one of the reference points in Italy not only for the sale of wholesale heat shrink tubing, but also for the production and distribution of multi-sockets, adapters and material for wiring.

What are heat shrink tubing

So let's see, specifically, what heat shrink tubing is.

The heat-shrink sheath is nothing more than a tubular component used as a protection for cables and made of plastic material, which has the characteristic of being retractable. The property of being able to shrink, therefore, is the distinctive element of this type of sheath and is a characteristic that is acquired during the production phase: during processing, in fact, the sheath is heated and is therefore subjected to an expansion process. The sheath thus obtained is able to shrink until the desired size is obtained. All heat shrink tubing, just like other types of sheaths, are used to insulate cables and electrical wires, whether or not these are placed within circuits. The heat shrink tubing can be made of different material and may have different characteristics based on the intended use. There are, for example, sheaths of this type equipped with an adhesive part placed inside to better isolate the cables from humidity, or they can have a transparent appearance: in this case we are talking about fairly resistant and flexible sheaths, designed to guarantee a more immediate identification of the cables inside them.

In choosing a heat shrink tubing, therefore, it is essential to know all its characteristics and to know with certainty for what purpose it will be used.

How heat shrink tubing works

To know how heat shrink tubing works, it is necessary to understand how they are composed and what they are used for specifically. Heat shrink tubing, as we have already specified, are the ideal solution to protect cables from shocks, stresses and external factors and, as a distinctive element, they have the ability to shrink. Precisely this feature differentiates them from all other sheaths on the market and knowing how to apply them is essential to know their application.

The heat shrink tubing to work correctly is applied around the cable you intend to protect. To ensure perfect adhesion, the sheath must be heated with a strong source of heat (which can even exceed 60 °) emitted by special equipment, taking care to avoid direct contact with the sheath which could compromise the integrity of the material. plastic. This operation allows the sheath to narrow its diameter, which is reduced to half or even more.

Heat shrinkable sheaths not only reduce the diameter, but most of the time also their length and this characteristic is generally indicated as a percentage in the technical data sheet, where the operating temperature is also found (i.e. the temperature that allows shrinkage). By using the sheath correctly, the cable will be protected in all respects and you will be sure that the protective layer of the heat shrink tubing will be adherent and will not come off, ensuring greater safety for the electrical system and for people in contact with it. Also for this reason it is essential to make sure that the sheath to be purchased is of good quality and that it has been made according to all the safety standards required by law.

Areas of use for heat shrink tubing

As for the areas of use of heat shrink tubing, these are used within electrical systems to ensure excellent protection of cables (electrical and otherwise) and wiring.

We find a consistent use of heat shrinkable sheaths in the industrial field, where cables need good protection from stress and from atmospheric or chemical agents. Also for the insulation of pipes it may be necessary to use heat-shrink sheaths, especially where they are positioned in contact with the outside or with potentially wearing chemical-physical agents.

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