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Electronic Components

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What are Electronic Components

Electronic components are all those elements that are used to build an electrical wiring harness, an electrical panel, an electrical board or any other electronic assembly.
The main electronic components we supply are divided into:

Single and multicore conductors and cables
Fuses and Fuse Holders
Passive components

These components are essential for the construction of electrical wiring, switchboards or circuit boards. Of course, it all depends on the electronic components that the technical drawing requires.
For example, if we have an automotive harness that is to be installed in a vehicle, and therefore exposed to moisture and weather, the technical drawing will specify IP65 or IP68 (waterproof) automotive connectors, with FLRY-B or other automotive standard cables, and with protective sleeves, usually PVC, or corrugated tubing.

How Electronic Components Work

Ogni componente elettronico ha una funzione ben precisa. I connettori servono per effettuare le connessioni tra un cablaggio e un dispositivo o un semplice collegamento con un altro cablaggio.
i terminali invece, che vengono applicati all'interno dei connettori, vengono aggraffati sui cavi, e portano elettricità all'interno del connettore con cui si effettua la connessione.
Le guaine servono per proteggere i cavi dall'esterno, e viene utilizzata la tipologia più adatta all'occasione.
I cavi, come dicevamo precedentemente servono per portare l' elettricità. I fusibili sono dispositivi elettrici in grado di proteggere un circuito dal sovraccarico di corrente.


As already mentioned, electronic components are used to complete the assembly of wiring harnesses, panels and electrical boards.
The list can be very extensive, as any electrical installation needs a component for current distribution, and this task is the prerogative of wiring.

Types of Electronic Components

There are many different types of electronic components, and the various product categories are detailed below:

Accessories and Components for Wiring Harnesses
Accessories and Components for Panels
Accessories and Components for Boards
Conductors and Cables
Connectors and Terminals
Passive Elements
Fuses and Protectors
Protection Sheaths
Switches and Indicators
Push Buttons and Indicators

Each of these categories has further sub-categories. There is no preference on the use of a cable or connector, in most cases they have to be applied together in order to complete the electrical wiring / switchboard / circuit board. Of course, if you are specific to a particular category, depending on the scope of use of a product you will have to make a choice about the type of cable, sheathing and connectors to use, as well as many other types of components found in the vast world of electronic components.

Wholesale of Electronic Components

At ErreBi shop we are distributors of electronic components for electrical wiring and we sell wholesale to both companies and private individuals.
We have a warehouse that contains about 20000 different articles, and every day we code hundreds of new products of the major brands on the market, such as Molex, Te Connctivity, Aptiv, Sumitomo, etc..

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