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Spiral sheaths

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Sale of wholesale spiral sheaths

We at Errebishop have been specializing in the manufacture and sale of wholesale spiral sheaths, cables and all wiring accessories for over twenty years. Compliance with regulations and safety standards are the basic elements of our production and, moreover, the raw materials used for our articles come from the most established and reliable suppliers on the national and international market. Thanks to the presence of two production plants, our company can be sure to satisfy the requests of all customers every day and to respond to many needs, even the most specific and sectoral, all by offering high quality products at competitive prices. Our reality makes use of a highly qualified staff that is able to carefully follow all the steps necessary for the realization of the articles and the subsequent marketing. In recent years we have extended the sale of wholesale spiral sheaths also online thanks to our website, where you can buy cables, accessories and wiring material quickly and easily. Each item is accompanied by a technical sheet on which to consult all the specifications and, to simplify navigation, we have equipped it with a chat dedicated to customer service, an always accessible tool that, in real time, will allow you to contact one of our resources and ask for information on the products or on the operations to be carried out for the purchase, to be sure to correctly complete all your online activities.

What are spiral sheaths

In the field of accessories for cables and wiring we find different types of sheaths, all of which, however, have the same function: to house the cables inside them (whether electric, telephone, audiovisual, etc.), to preserve their conditions and minimize shocks. , stress due to possible stresses and wear. The spiral sheaths are, therefore, a particular type of sheath, which stands out for its resistance and flexibility. In general, the intended use for spiral sheaths is to protect and keep the cables tidy. There are also spiral sheaths of different types and suitable for interiors or exteriors, depending on the case and with different characteristics in relation to the specific use. To choose the one that suits you, you will therefore have to evaluate several factors and, if doubts and indecisions should arise, we always recommend that you seek the opinion of an expert.

How spiral sleeves work

Understanding how spiral sheaths work is very simple and to do so you just need to know their characteristics and conformation. The spiral sheaths, as we have anticipated, serve to contain inside them, preserving them, the electric and non-electric cables. Their peculiarity is that they are flexible and this allows an easy bending, in such a way as to adapt well to any angles foreseen along the path to be followed by the cables. The outer part of these sheaths looks, as their name suggests, in a spiral while the inner part is smooth. Clearly, the spiral sheaths must be made of very resistant material, perhaps thermoplastic and of excellent quality, since they are a protective tool, designed to avoid damage and wear to the cables contained within them: we think, for example, that some of these sheaths are used to contain gas pipes and it is therefore very important that they are performing and up to standard. Spiral sheaths are the alternative to rigid pipes (very common outside buildings), which do not enjoy flexibility, even if there are small segments in spiral sheaths on the market, which serve as an addition of connection between a rigid pipe and a other and are used to allow curvatures.

Areas of use for spiral sheaths

The areas of use of spiral sheaths are innumerable; in general, to get an idea of ​​when and where they can be used, just think that they are used whenever a smooth rigid pipe (which cannot change direction) or a corrugated pipe cannot be used.

The contexts in which we can find spiral sheaths, therefore, are the most varied, because they can potentially be used in all types of systems and electronic installations. Furthermore, the spiraled sheaths on the market are various and differ mainly in the diameter, which can have different sizes. Choosing the right one, therefore, will depend above all on the number and thickness of the cables to pass inside, also considering a margin of free space that will act as an air chamber to avoid overheating. Finally, to be sure that a spiral sheath is the right component to meet your needs and to be sure to opt for the most suitable one, we recommend, if doubts arise, to contact a professional in the sector who will be able to advise you on the right purchase. , evaluating fundamental elements such as the type of system, the laying and routing of the cables.

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