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Sensors and Transducers

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Sale of wholesale sensors and transducers

Errebishop is a company that deals with the sale of wholesale sensors and transducers and all items and accessories useful in the field of wiring such as pins, electrical components, crimping dies, etc ... We have been dealing with with the success of this activity, also being able to count on the production capacity of two factories and on the use of high quality material, selected by our suppliers, companies that are among the most reliable and established on the international market. To these elements is added the professionalism and availability of our internal staff, who are committed to guaranteeing all customers an excellent service and the choice of performing and safe items, all at a very competitive price. Currently, through our company, buying sensors and transducers in bulk and all the material for wiring is even easier and faster thanks to our e-commerce site, where with just a few steps you can consult and order online all the accessories and components. suitable for your needs, with the certainty of having products of the highest quality. In addition, to facilitate the browsing experience and to answer all technical questions and doubts about the characteristics of the items to be purchased, there is the possibility to use our customer support service, i.e. a real-time chat with our operators. , which will allow you to have immediate clarifications and to complete your online purchases correctly.

What are sensors and transducers

Sensors and transducers are measurement devices used to collect data that would be impossible to measure without these tools. Often, erroneously, we tend to think that sensors and transducers perform the same function, for this reason the two terms are used as synonyms in common language, but this is not the case. So let's see in detail what sensors and transducers are and what are the main differences between them. In general, sensors are devices that take care of detecting a physical quantity and expressing it in data that will be read by special instruments. Transducers, on the other hand, are devices that deal with converting one form of energy (electrical, electromagnetic, photovoltaic, etc.) into another. Alternatively, the transducers can convert, in addition to energy, also one physical measurement into another. In summary, therefore, the sensors are used to detect and read data and are instruments such as pressure gauges, altimeters, gas sensors, or motion sensors such as radars, velocimeters, tachometers, etc ... While the transducers are used to transform the measured quantities: the transducer for excellence is the antenna that converts the electromagnetic signal into an electrical signal.

How sensors and transducers work

Sensors and transducers work differently and understanding the mechanism can be quite complex if you are not an expert on the subject, however we will try to explain it in a simple way, to get an idea of how the two instruments operate. As for the transducers, which can be analog or digital, there are different types depending on the operation and the way in which the measured quantity is converted, here are what they are:

  • primary transducers, transform the physical quantity into an electrical quantity;
  • Secondary transducers transform the physical quantity into another physical quantity, which is detectable by a primary transducer.

Furthermore, the transducers are divided according to the type of electrical quantity they generate following the transformation:

  • active transducers, are able to obtain a signal in current or voltage;
  • passive transducers, generate the variation of an electrical parameter.

Even for sensors it is possible to understand their operation by examining the different types, which are classified according to the technology and the physical principle

and the size to be measured. We find, for example, motion sensors or photographic sensors (for detecting light) or even sensors for accelerometers to detect rotational movements.

Areas of use for sensors and transducers

Sensors and transducers are used in many areas and, in general, are used whenever it is necessary to measure a physical quantity or a variation in the surrounding environment. Sensors are perhaps the most common devices, and are widely used above all in security systems both in the home and in sectors (industries, health facilities, school buildings, etc.); other types of sensors are used in video devices or mobile phones (think of the accelerometer) to detect the rotation of screens. Transducers are also widely used and some of them are used above all in the industrial field and are those related to temperature measurement (among these we find thermocouples which have the advantage of not requiring power supply circuits), pressure measurement and measurement humidity. Finally, among the many categories of transducers we find a particular class of transducers that transforms light energy into electrical energy: we are talking about photoelectric transducers used for different uses, especially in photovoltaic cells.

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