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PVC sheaths

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Sale of wholesale pvc sheaths

We at Errebishop have been dealing with the manufacture and sale of wholesale PVC sheaths for over twenty years, together with cables, plugs and all accessories for wiring. Our products represent a real guarantee in the sector, as not only are they made in full compliance with current safety regulations and standards, but they are manufactured with top quality material, which is carefully chosen by our suppliers, who represent established and reliable companies on the national and international market. Our company has two production plants, thanks to which it can quickly satisfy the requests of all customers, even the most specific, offering competitive and convenient prices.

Furthermore, one of our strengths is our professional and qualified staff, which takes care of following every phase of the realization of the products, also taking care of all those related to the relative marketing. In recent years we have decided to simplify the purchase for all our customers, also directing the sale of wholesale pvc sheaths and accessories for wiring online: in fact, we have created a platform on which it is possible to buy all the wiring material. thanks to a few simple steps and consult the technical data sheets of each product, detailed and exhaustive. Finally, to make the purchasing process easier, we have equipped our e-commerce with a real-time chat dedicated to customer service: thanks to this tool it will be possible to ask for information on products or ask questions on the operations to be carried out, to be sure to complete all online activities correctly.

What are pvc sheaths

PVC sheaths are tubular elements that act as protection for electrical and non-electric cables, covering and isolating them from the outside so that they are protected from any type of stress, impact or contact with harmful materials, water and humidity. The sheaths, therefore, perform a fundamental function and are a real safety tool that prevents the occurrence of unpleasant or dangerous problems. PVC is an optimal material for making protective sheaths, these in turn will be designed to insulate a single cable, or groups of cables, relying on a certain flexibility that facilitates use and installation. There are also different types of PVC insulating sheaths and they differ mainly in the internal diameter (which is essential to know in relation to that of the cables for which the sheath will be used) and the resistance to high or low temperatures: some sheaths, in fact, they can withstand temperatures even lower than -20 ° and up to 80 ° and beyond (in case of use in extreme environments we always recommend a careful reading of the product data sheets). The PVC sheaths are therefore essential for the construction of a good electrical system and are a very important element that must be produced according to all safety standards; Furthermore, these sheaths, thanks to the physico-chemical characteristics of the material they are made of, are also self-extinguishing and flame retardant precisely to ensure greater protection from the risks and dangers associated with the use of cables and electrical systems.

How pvc sheaths work

Understanding how PVC sheaths work is simple: as we have already said many times, cables - whether they are electric or not - when used in a circuit or in a system, may need to be insulated, both to be protected from external agents. , both to protect individuals from the current flows that circulate in them. Although there are different types of cable sheaths, in fact, they all work in the same way, that is, forming a protective layer around the cables themselves. To choose the right sheath according to your specific needs, however, there are some characteristics to consider and all of them are indicated in the sheet that will accompany the product to be purchased. We have already analyzed some characteristics, namely the diameter and resistance to high or low temperatures, but there are others that should not be overlooked for the correct use and operation of the PVC sheath that you intend to purchase and they are:

  • low temperature flexibility;
  • dielectric strength;
  • possibility of expansion;
  • original tensile strength;
  • elongation at original break.

Knowing all these elements will help you to choose the ideal PVC sheath for your needs, but if any doubts or concerns arise about the right characteristics to look for, we always recommend that you contact an expert on the subject, who will be able to indicate the best choice.

Areas of use of pvc sheaths

The areas of use of PVC sheaths are many, since they are used whenever the need to insulate cables arises (a necessity that occurs in almost all electrical systems and for most cables, even when they are not part of systems and circuits).

The cables with PVC sheaths are used above all in domestic and civil systems, where the laying is fixed and stable (and not subject to movement) here the cables with PVC sheath guarantee excellent resistance to stress and temperatures and a long life. We also find them in power supply systems and in devices for industrial use and, finally, cables with PVC sheath are also used for light installations (especially outdoor ones) and in systems present in environments with fire risk. and explosion, given the self-extinguishing capacity.

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