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Connectors and terminals

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What are Connectors and Terminals

Connectors are electronic components used to make a wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connection, and to make a connection without soldering.
There are different types of connectors to meet different requirements and environments of use, which can be automotive or electronic.
However, in all areas of use, the connection is always and exclusively made by a "male connector" and a "female connector" of the usual family and type, one being the counterpart of the other.

In 90% of cases, each connector has its own terminal (or faston, in the electrical field) inside, to which the cable is crimped, which in turn is inserted into the connector, and is in turn connected to the counterpart connector, which inside has compatible terminals.
which in turn plugs into compatible terminals.
In reality, the connection is made with the temrinals, which meet thanks to the attachment of their "safety shells", i.e. the connectors.

What function do connectors and terminals perform

The main function of the connectors is to facilitate the coupling between 2 arms of cable(s) and make a connection thanks to the internal terminals, which are themselves crimped to the copper of the cables. In fact, most of the terminals are made of copper, and therefore act as a conductor.
As mentioned above, however, not all types of connectors require terminals to make a connection. Some connectors may have pins into which the cable is soldered, and the soldering is protected by a cap that covers the cables and 1/3 of the connector, such as the DB9 connector.
Some connectors, such as IDC connectors, are connected to the copper of the cable using a clamping system that facilitates crimping.

Types of Connectors and Terminals

There are numerous types of connectors and terminals, and the following is a list of the various categories:

- Signal connectors
- Power connectors
- Data transmission connectors
- Protection blocks
- Other terminals and lugs
- Industrial connectors

The categories above, are the macros of the connectors and terminals family, within each of them branching out into many other micro categories that facilitate the creation of connections suitable in the smallest detail, depending on the task that must perform within a plant of such a category of competence, which may be automotive, electronics etc..

Wholesale of Connectors and Terminals

At ErreBi shop we are distributors of all types of connectors and terminals and we sell wholesale to both companies and private individuals.
We have a warehouse that contains about 10000 types of components and new ones are coded every day.

If you do not find the product you are looking for on our website, please contact us at

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