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Protective sheaths

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What are protective sleeves?

The protective sleeves we offer are coatings for the protection of electrical cables. Depending on the field of application of the wiring,
specific types of conduits are used.

For example, in the automotive industry, PVC conduits with a resistance of up to 105° are often used, or corrugated conduits, which in turn, depending on the area of use in the plant, can vary in polypropylene and PA6, different materials with different heat resistances.

What is the function of conduits?

The main function of conduits is to protect the electrical cables passing through them, but they can also be used for simple assembly of the cables inside the wiring harness.
The conduits give the wiring greater precision and clarity and facilitate the assembly of the various outlets in the correct places in the system.

Types of conduits

There are different types of conduit, each used for a specific area of wiring installation

- PVC conduit
- heat-shrinkable conduits
- Glass silicone sleeves
- Expandable braided conduits
- Spiral wrap conduit
- Conduit/Corrugated conduit

Each of these types is subdivided in turn, such as corrugated conduits, which can be open, with a longitudinal cut, or closed, heat-shrinkable conduits, which can be with glue, to provide greater protection and make them waterproof, and without glue.

Wholesale of protective sleeves

At ErreBi shop we are distributors of all types of protective sleeves and we sell wholesale to both companies and private individuals.
We supply different types of sheaths, in reels, but also by the metre, therefore without any minimum order requirement.

If you do not find the product you are looking for on our website, please contact us at

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