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Coaxial connectors

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Sale of wholesale coaxial connectors

Errebishop is a company specializing in the sale of wholesale coaxial connectors and items and accessories for wiring. It has been successfully operating in the sector for over twenty years, relying on the productivity of two specialized factories and on high-quality materials, chosen from reliable suppliers among the most important and well-established on the world market. All this, combined with the professionalism and training of its staff, allows the company to offer all customers high-performance and safe items at a competitive price. The sale of wholesale coaxial connectors extends to many different products in terms of characteristics and properties capable of satisfying all requests, even the most specific ones. Furthermore, currently, the wholesale purchase of connectors and wiring material is even easier and faster thanks to our site that allows you to choose and order online the components that best suit your needs in just a few steps. Furthermore, for any doubts about our items or for more detailed technical information, each customer will be able to access the product sheets and will have our assistance service available, to get answers to their questions and correctly conclude the purchase procedures.

What are coaxial connectors

Coaxial connectors are components that are located at one or both ends of a coaxial cable and allow the cable itself to connect with other cables or to enter a socket.

Coaxial cables, more commonly known as video or audio cables, are electrical cables used to transmit information signals such as visual or audiovisual signals. Specifically, when the signals transported are of the audiovisual type, the cables are called RF, an acronym that means "radio frequencies", since the signal is decoded through these frequencies.

In other words, the coaxial connectors are used to guarantee and stabilize the connection between the coaxial cable and the jack (or socket) of an electronic device, such as a television, a DVD player, etc. In addition, the coaxial connector it also has the purpose of protecting the connection itself, avoiding short circuits, interference and direct contact with harmful external agents. There are many types of coaxial connectors and each connector has a specific use and function, but generally almost all are in nickel or tin, often gold plated. To choose the right coaxial connector you need to know which cable will be connected to and what function the cable itself will perform. For RF cables, F-type connectors are used, while RCA connectors are the most commonly used connectors for coaxial cables of digital audio and video equipment. Choosing the right connector is not a complex operation, especially when these are equipped with comprehensive technical data sheets, however, if doubts arise, it is always advisable to seek advice from an expert in the sector, or from our online assistance service.

How coaxial connectors work

Coaxial connectors find their use and operation whenever there is a need to ensure a connection using coaxial cables whose task is, as we have seen, to transmit audiovisual signals.

Many connectors include a metal sleeve, and when inserting the connectors at the ends of the cables, the sleeve should be placed along the cable itself to ensure a more secure connection with the connector. All this is necessary to minimize the interference and obstacles that could encounter the signals along your path. In addition to the F type and RCA type connectors, we find even more solid connectors, that is the BNC type ones that are used when the signal quality must remain very high: this type of connector was initially developed for microwave technologies, but due to its high performance and the firm closing system it was then also used in the field of coaxial cables.

Areas of use for coaxial connectors

The scope of use of coaxial connectors is very broad, as their use is envisaged for all those electronic systems, from the simplest to the most complex, in which the passage and transmission of audio and video signals occurs. There are many coaxial connectors on the market and choosing the right one depends on the context in which it will be used.

In the domestic and everyday environment we find connectors such as audio jacks for headphones, televisions, DVD players, etc…; In more technical fields, on the other hand, connectors for loudspeakers, projectors and microphones are widely used. Furthermore, where required, we find very specific coaxial connectors also in shape, such as cable clamp connectors or bulkhead connectors, which weld cables securely even in conditions considered difficult that could compromise the connection. Coaxial connectors are also used in the military, medical and health sectors for devices that process or transmit sound and images.

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