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What are Crimping tools and machines?

Tools and machines for stripping and unsheathing cables and for crimping, fastening lugs and terminals on cables are essential for those who build small quantities of electrical wiring, as the costs are relatively low compared to the expense that a company has to face for the purchase of fully automatic machines, which are usually useful for those who work in large quantities at an industrial level.
In addition to wiring tools, we also have manual equipment used on a large scale, such as screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, etc..

The products in this category, offered by ErreBi shop are:

Mechanical tools for crimping terminals and cable lugs
Wire stripping tools
Crimping pliers

How mechanical crimping tools work

We will briefly explain the tools for crimping wire harnesses.
Each tool, crimping tool, wire stripper, etc. may seem identical at first glance, but what mainly differentiates them from model to model is their compatibility with certain cable sections and types of cable lugs. In fact, each crimping tool, for example, is compatible with a certain range of cable, or type of terminal.
The most common tools in our shop, i.e. crimping pliers, are used to crimp/engrave cable lugs onto the cable.
Lugs can be eyelets, ferrules, terminals, forks, etc.


As already mentioned these tools are used to complete the assembly of the lugs to the cables which will eventually form part of the electrical wiring.
The list can be very extensive as any electrical installation needs a component for current distribution and this task is the prerogative of the wiring harness.

Wholesale of tools for electrical wiring assembly

We at ErreBi shop are distributors of tools for the construction of electrical harnesses and we sell wholesale to both companies and private individuals.
We have a warehouse containing hundreds of different tools, and every day we code dozens of new products from the major brands on the market.
We dropshipping the required products if they are not available.

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