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Sale of wholesale battery cables

The sale of wholesale battery cables is one of the leading sectors of Errebishop.

A company specializing in the production of cables, electronic components, electrical equipment, machines and tools, Errebishop has over twenty years of experience in the field and can be considered a true point of reference in the industry. The sale of wholesale Battery Wiring Harnesses includes different models of battery charging cables, to be used according to the type of vehicle and battery.

In addition to the sale of cables, Errebishop also deals with the distribution of other accessories and components for more specific use.

The company also uses some of the most reliable and important suppliers in Italy and in the world, to guarantee its customers superior quality and excellent prices, competitive both for small and large quantities.

All items are manufactured in full compliance with safety standards for their intended use and are available in a wide range of variants.

What are battery cables?

Battery cables are the only way to recharge a car battery when there is no battery charger available.

Basically, they are cables that connect the discharged battery of a car to an emergency battery or to the battery of another vehicle, in order to allow charging.

It can happen that a car battery becomes discharged.

There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from forgetting to turn on the headlights or the stereo to current leakage due to battery wear.

Over time, a car battery can also lose performance, resulting in a lack of charge.

It should be noted, however, that car battery cables are not all the same, but differ according to specific characteristics, and it is advisable to pay attention to buy the right ones.

In addition, you should ensure that you use quality battery cables that comply with all production standards and in particular with DIN 72553 (equivalent to ISO 6722) regarding particular technical specifications such as: conductor cross-section, cable length, type of clamps etc..

In conclusion, battery wiring harnesses are true emergency devices that should not be missing from the emergency kit of your vehicle!

How battery cables work

Knowing how car battery cables work is essential both for using them correctly and for buying the right ones for your vehicle.

Battery cables that are unstable or not suitable for your car can cause accidents or damage the battery.

Battery cables are cables made of conductive material that provide an electrical connection between two batteries (one charged and one discharged).

In this way, the charge of the working battery can be transferred to the discharged battery, which can then recharge itself.

This is how you recharge a car battery.

    Open the bonnet of both vehicles where the batteries are located
    Switch off the running car and remove the plastic protectors from both batteries
    Connect the clamps at the ends of the cables: the red one should be connected to the positive (+) poles of both batteries while the black one should be connected to the negative (-) pole of the working battery and the other to any ground point in the car;
    Start the running car and start the other vehicle as well
    Disconnect the cables and re-apply the protections.

It is also advisable to purchase cables capable of supporting a higher amperage than your battery, and to pay attention to the length of the cables: the longer the cables, the more it will be possible to connect distant vehicles.

Areas of use for battery cables

The areas of use of battery cables are rather restricted and all refer to mechanical and automotive contexts of any sector and level.

In fact, battery harnesses are essential devices in the kit of any car owner and anyone who works with cars. This is why we can find battery harnesses both in everyday contexts (every motorist should, as a rule, have them) and in more sectoral contexts (mechanics' workshops, but also events where there are car parades or car races, for example).

It should be pointed out, however, that battery wiring harnesses are not all the same, but differ according to different characteristics, so they should be used according to the different type of vehicle and battery to which they refer.

One of the most important characteristics to consider is the amperage. Amperage is the unit of measurement that indicates the energy storage capacity of a battery. This value, therefore, can vary from one battery to another: for example, the amperage of a diesel vehicle battery is generally higher than the amperage of a petrol vehicle. For this reason, it is always advisable to carefully check the amperage of both batteries: recharging a discharged battery by connecting it to a functioning one, but with a different amperage, could cause damage or give rise to unpleasant accidents (as the cables, especially if unprofessional, could overheat and generate a short circuit).

Types of battery cables

There are different types of battery cables for starting your car.

The different models available on the market can be divided into types.

  • Battery power cables:
    This type of wiring harness is used for powering the battery. It consists of two cables (one red and one black) and a plug.

  • Cables with or without clamps:
    The cables for battery wiring can be with or without terminal clamps. Those that do not have clamps (or terminals) have the end part made up of eyelets.

  • Cables with clamps of different amperage:
    The clamps at the end of the cables differ according to the amperage. As already mentioned, the amperage of car batteries is not a fixed value, but varies from model to model. Consequently, the clamps must also be adapted to this parameter.

  • Wiring of different lengths:
    The length of the wiring can also vary. Different cable lengths are available. The greater the length of the cables, the greater the distance between two vehicles can be, so that a dead battery can be recharged.

  • Battery adapters:
    Battery adapters are used to adapt two different batteries. They are very useful devices that can easily connect to the car battery to provide an additional socket.

These are the main types of battery harnesses. Whichever type of harness you buy, you should always ensure that it meets all safety standards and is used in full compliance with the amperage and voltage parameters of the batteries you are using.

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