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Corrugated Tube

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Sale of wholesale corrugated pipes

We at Errebishop have been making cables and accessories for wiring for over twenty years, dealing with the wholesale of corrugated tubes, plugs and all the accessories essential for the operation of cables of all types.

Our products are manufactured in full compliance with current safety regulations and standards and the material used is also carefully chosen by the most established and reliable suppliers on the national and international market. Our company, thanks to two production plants, can satisfy the requests of all customers every day, even the most specific, offering competitive and highly affordable prices.

Our staff, professional and qualified, also follows every phase of the realization of the products and takes care of all those relating to marketing. In recent years we have directed the sale of wholesale corrugated pipes also online on our website: a platform on which you can quickly and easily purchase all the wiring material, by consulting the detailed and comprehensive technical data sheets. Finally, to make the purchasing process easier, we have equipped our e-commerce with a chat dedicated to customer assistance: thanks to this tool you can, in real time, ask for information on products or ask questions about the operations to be carried out. to make sure you get all your online activities done correctly.

What are corrugated pipes

Corrugated pipes are tubular elements, used as cable glands: this means that the electric cables pass through them, which can enjoy greater protection. In fact, inside the electrical systems, the cables are placed under the floor and inside the walls to ensure the passage of electricity and data from one environment to another. However, the cables are not placed in direct contact with the support surfaces intended to house them, but are passed inside the corrugated pipes, which wrap them and protect them. Corrugated pipes therefore appear empty inside and are at the same time flexible and very resistant. Resistance is a very important factor, since the pipes will constitute a sort of case for the cables, preventing them from wearing out prematurely or suffering damage due to humidity, shocks or stresses of various kinds. Corrugated pipes, in general, are made of plastic, with a process that involves a progressive overlapping of material arranged in a helical way. The pipes may have different diameters, and based on this characteristic the number and size of the cables that can pass inside will change - obviously.

How corrugated pipes work

As already mentioned above, these pipes are flexible (in fact they are also called tuboflex) and are used when the cables must be positioned under the tiles or the floor in general, or must follow a path within a masonry wall. The great advantage (in addition to the high protection of the cables themselves) is that, when the cables need to be replaced, there will be no need to break the flooring or walls to extract them, but they can be easily removed and changed. For correct operation and use of corrugated pipes, it is also useful to know a specific procedure, that is to choose the color of the corrugated pipe according to the type of system in which the cables will be used: a choice that can simplify the work avoiding the risk. of confusion or errors. Furthermore, when buying a corrugated pipe, to be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs, it is important to consider the minimum useful diameter that this accessory must have. The corrugated pipes currently on the market range from a diameter of 16 mmq up to 63 mmq and in counting the suitable dimensions, in addition to the space that the cables will occupy, a portion of extra space useful as an air chamber must always be considered. which causes the heat to dissipate. In any case, if doubts or indecisions should arise, it is always advisable to contact an expert in the sector who will be able to suggest the most suitable article for your needs.

Areas of use of corrugated pipes

The areas of use of corrugated pipes are very vast, since they are used in all those circumstances where there are electrical systems of different types. Apartments, offices, accommodation, school or health facilities are just some of the contexts in which the use of these components is essential.

To get an idea of the sectors in which we find the corrugated pipes, we could use their colors which, as already mentioned, indicate the destination plant.

The pipes can be:

  • black: used for cables that distribute electricity;
  • blue: used for cables of audio / video systems;
  • green - used for telephone cables or TV cables;
  • brown: used cables of security systems.

Like many accessories for wiring and electrical systems, corrugated pipes must also be made according to specific safety criteria and must indicate the identification mark in order to be able to trace the manufacturer.

This is why we advise you to always choose certified and excellent quality material.

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