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What is an Electrical Wiring Harness

An Electrical Wiring Harness is the installation of cables and associated devices such as connectors, switches, distribution boards and terminals within a piece of equipment.
There are different types of electrical wiring, depending on the intended use; to name a few:

- Audio and video cabling
- Data and network cabling
- Automotive wiring
- Battery wiring
- Agricultural and gardening equipment cabling
- Medical device cabling

Each of the different types has precise technical specifications and safety standards depending on the intended use.
The types of cables and wires and their dimensions are specified according to the operating voltage of the circuit and the capacity of the electrical current, not to mention restrictions on use in different environmental conditions, such as permitted humidity levels, temperature tolerance and resistance to atmospheric agents and chemicals.
Materials for the wiring of electrical systems vary according to:

- national and local regulations
- circuit type and size
- intended use and amount of power demand on the circuit
- environmental conditions under which the wiring will operate.
- the sector in which the wiring is to operate.
- whether it will be installed in a fixed or mobile component.

in turn, the individual electrical components may be of different types, e.g. they may be sheathed with non-metallic sheathing, covered with thermoplastic insulation, coated to increase weather tolerance and may consist of a variable number of cables and connectors.
Electrical Cables are usually fixed with special fittings at the point of access to the electrical appliance, with a simple screw terminal or with connectors of various types with a watertight seal in cases where waterproofing must be guaranteed.

How an Electrical Wiring Harness works

There are different types of wiring schemes, each specific to its intended use.
Generally speaking, electrical wiring is used to connect the various components of an electrical system and, depending on the area of use, it must have specific characteristics, depending on its resistance to atmospheric agents and the voltage it must withstand.
Since a wiring harness is the union of several elements of electrical material, it is difficult to circumscribe its single use; electrical wiring is used in any electrical system, whether we are talking about automotive, submerged pumps, industrial systems or buildings. Any equipment that makes use of electricity will need a power supply system and a power distribution system, and this is where wiring comes in.


As mentioned above a harness can be used in a number of areas, some of the most common areas in which it is seen at work include:

- Automotive distribution systems
- Electrical installations
- car batteries
- computer systems
- data and network connection
- audio systems
- Power packs

The list can be very extensive, as any electrical system needs a component to distribute the current, and this task is the prerogative of wiring.

Types of Electrical Wiring:

There are many types of electrical wiring, some generic and some specialised for the function they are to perform.
Wiring harnesses can be used for many purposes, the first of which is to distribute electricity, but they can also be used for computer or network data transfer. There are several categories for this, which we will briefly list:

- Automotive wiring
- Wiring for electrical installations
- Wiring for car batteries
- Wiring for audio and video systems
- Data and network connection harnesses
- Control unit wiring harnesses

"If it's electric, there's a wiring harness" in the sense that each area of use has its own specific wiring harness, which, for example, can also vary for each individual car model, as in the case of the electric wiring harness for the steering servo on the Fiat Croma, or the wiring harness for the fog lights on the FIAT Ducato, or the Vespa wiring harness.


Electrical harnesses wholesale

We at Errebishop are direct manufacturers and specialise in the creation and design of customised electrical wiring harnesses. We design electrical diagrams according to the customer's needs. We have been specialising in this for over twenty years and, thanks to our years of experience and the production capacity of two entire factories, we are one of the most important points of reference for the wholesale of electrical wiring harnesses.

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