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Multicore cables

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Sale of wholesale multipolar cables

Errebishop is a company that deals with the sale of wholesale multipolar cables and items and accessories for wiring such as sockets, plugs and electrical components. For over twenty years it has been successfully carrying out this activity, relying on the productivity of two specialized factories and on high quality materials carefully chosen from reliable suppliers among the most important and established on the world market. These features also meet the professionalism and helpfulness of the internal staff, which allows the company to guarantee all customers an excellent service and high-performance and safe items at a competitive price. The sale of wholesale multipolar cables is also accompanied by the trade of accessories and tools for wiring of all types, which are able to satisfy all the public's requests, even the most specific and detailed ones. To date, buying multipolar cables and wiring material wholesale can be even easier and faster thanks to our platform that allows you to choose and order online all the accessories and components that best suit the needs of the moment with a click. In addition, if technical questions or doubts arise about the characteristics of the items to be purchased, there is the possibility to access our assistance service in real time, to get answers to your questions and complete your online purchases correctly.

What are multipolar cables

In general, all electrical cables are used to connect various electrical or electronic devices or appliances to a socket or to each other to facilitate the passage of electric current or electrical signals (these signals can be audio, video, etc.). In the case of multipolar cables, the conductors that compose them are two or more than two, unlike the unipolar cables which, on the other hand, consist of a single conductor. The conductors are covered with a protective sheath and an additional layer of insulating material that isolates the current and prevents its dispersion. Multipolar cables can be rigid or flexible based on the thinness of the wires that make up the core of the conductor. The more flexible a cable is, the more manageable it will be, but for a correct use of the same you must always consider the bending radius beyond which you must not go, so as not to cause damage or unpleasant and dangerous unforeseen events.

How multipolar cables work

The multipolar cables differ from each other according to the "poles" present inside them. The poles, as we have seen, are in effect the elements that allow the passage of current and allow the cable to perform its function. There are different types of multipolar cables, here is how they are classified and how they work: 

  • Bipolar cables: these can be formed by a single phase or by a phase and a neutral pole and may or may not have grounding (which would be the system that brings a metal element of the cable in contact with the electrical potential of the ground ).
  • Three-pole cables: these can be formed either by three phases or by two phases and a neutral pole. Also in this case there may or may not be grounding.
  • Four-pole cables: four-pole cables, which may or may not be earthed, are made up of three phases and a neutral.
  • Five-pole cables: these are special cables made up of five poles and are used for specific uses.

When choosing an electric cable, therefore, it is important to consider the intended use, the type of installation and the technical characteristics: among these it is advisable to pay particular attention to the current capacity, flexibility, protection and maximum and minimum temperatures. supported.

Areas of use for multipolar cables

Multipole cables are widely used and are used both in everyday life (think of audio or video cables or cables for household appliances) and in more specific and sectoral environments.

Many multipolar cables, due to their particular resistance, are in fact used in contexts where a large amount of electricity is required and at the same time it is necessary to avoid the risk of short circuit or fire.

Many are used in the construction or transport field for the laying of ducts and pipes, even in humid environments or at risk of infiltration. We remind you, however, that each multipolar electric cable must be chosen based on the intended use, therefore it is essential to know its characteristics and if any doubts arise, the advice of an expert in the sector is always recommended.

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