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Conductors and cables

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What are electrical cables?

Electrical cables are conductors that allow electricity to pass from one point to another.
The cable is nothing more than the electrical conductor inside which it contains a series of copper conducting wires of smaller cross-section, which gives it great flexibility.

The main characteristics of cables are: Copper conductor, PVC or other insulation, protection and behaviour to external agents.

The type of electrical conduit and the method of installation must meet certain criteria for the safety of people and goods, as they must prevent dangers of electrical origin
associated with current and, the prevention of fires associated with overheating of conductors.

What function do electrical cables perform

The main function of an electrical cable is the transmission of electricity in order to exchange data and information over a distance.
Electrical conductors or cables are used in electrical engineering, telecommunications and information technology. The cable connections of a
The cable connections of a network infrastructure or cable system, or the laying and interconnection operation, is called cabling.


As already mentioned, electrical cables are used to transport electricity and to exchange data and information over a distance.

Types of power cables

There are various types of power cables, which are used depending on the installation and the importance of the system. Below we specify the various categories:

Single core cables
Multicore cables
Data transmission cables
Coaxial cables
Telephone and network cables

These in turn are divided into various categorisations, such as Fror, FG4, FLRY-B, RG178, Flat, Neoprene, etc..

Wholesale of electrical conductors and cables

At ErreBi shop we are distributors of electrical conductors and cables of all types and we carry out wholesale sales both to companies and private individuals.
We have a warehouse that contains about 10000 types of cable and every day new ones are coded.

If you do not find the product you are looking for on the site, please contact us at

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