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What is an Automotive Wiring Harness

An automotive harness is the installation of cables and associated devices, such as connectors, in an automation device, which can be a car or an industrial machine.

Automotive wiring harnesses must have precise technical specifications and safety standards, which may vary depending on the machinery in which they are installed.
The types of cables and wires and their dimensions are specified according to the operating voltage of the circuit and the electrical current capacity, not to mention restrictions on use in different environmental conditions, such as permitted humidity levels, temperature tolerance and resistance to atmospheric agents and chemicals.

How an Automotive Wiring Harness Works

Each automotive wiring harness has its own scheme, and varies depending on the machinery in which it is used, and the part of the machinery that it powers.
For example, in a car, we can have the wiring harness that feeds the electrical system, the one that feeds the headlights, the one for the windshield wipers, the one for the windows etc..
Each of these will be made up of precise electrical components that meet certain technical specifications and criteria to power that particular part.

The wiring harness that feeds the electrical system will have FLRY cables, which will then meet certain criteria, such as operating temperature first and foremost.

Wholesale of Automotive Wiring Harnesses

At Errebishop we are direct manufacturers and specialise in the creation and design of bespoke automotive wiring harnesses. We design wiring diagrams according to the needs of the customer, we are specialized in this for over twenty years and being able to rely on years of experience and production capacity of 2 entire plants we are one of the most important reference points for the wholesale of automotive wiring.

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