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Extension cords and cable reels

Wholesale of extension cords and cable reels

Errebishop is a leading company in the wholesale of cable extensions and cable reels. We have been operating in the field for more than twenty years and in addition to dealing with the production and distribution of everything related to wiring and plugs, we also produce, for the same sector, components for more common use, including cables, extensions and cable reels, managing the wholesale.

The wholesale of cable extensions and cable reels covers products of different types and prices to meet any requirement. In addition, our suppliers are some of the most reliable and important manufacturers in the world, so we can guarantee our customers excellent prices, competitive for both small and large quantities.

All items are manufactured in full compliance with safety standards for their intended use and are a guarantee of professionalism and reliability.

What are extensions and cable reels?

Cable extensions and cable reels are electrical cables with a flying socket and a plug at each end. Extension cords and cable reels are used to connect an electrical appliance or device whose cable is too short to reach a socket. Or they are used to allow the use of a socket that is difficult to reach.

Extension cords and cable reels are accessories that are often needed during activities where the use of electrical appliances is required both in the office and at home (extension cords and cable reels are used to connect PCs or TV screens whose cables cannot reach the wall socket).
There are different types of extension cords and cable reels with different characteristics, which should be evaluated according to the use to be made of them.

It must be pointed out that although extension cords and cable reels are a quick and effective solution, they are still temporary connections and can in no way replace a permanent installation. They are perfect for temporarily powering appliances or electrical devices which, once switched off, must be disconnected from the extension cord.

A flying socket and its connection increase the risk of instability as exposure time increases. In addition, extension cords must always be in perfect condition and plugs must always have the same number of poles as the corresponding socket.

How do extension cords and cable reels work?

The question of how extension cords and cable reels work may seem like an obvious one. We will all have used them at least once to make simple and easy connections.

However, even though their operation is quite intuitive, it is still essential to know them in detail. First of all, this will avoid unpleasant accidents and, secondly, it will prevent you from buying the wrong accessories for the intended use.

How do extension cords and cable reels work? They work quite simply.

An extension cord is an electrical cable with a socket at one end and a plug at the other. The plug of the extension cable is inserted into the fixed socket you want to use. When the extension cable is connected to the fixed socket, the flow of electricity circulates through it.

In this case, when you plug a household appliance or any other equipment into the extension cord socket, the current flow will also reach that device, allowing it to function.

The cable reel, on the other hand, is a useful accessory consisting of an empty drum around which the extension cord is neatly wound. Cable reels are important tools for keeping cables and extension cords in good condition.

Obviously, if you want to use extension cords and cable reels, you must always make sure that the product is of excellent quality, because if it is damaged or of poor quality it will make the connections unstable and pose a risk to people and property.

Areas of use for extension cords and cable reels

Extension cables and cable reels can be used in a wide range of applications. Depending on their characteristics, these sometimes indispensable tools can be used in almost all areas.

Here are the most common ones:

  •  Domestic
    Connecting a computer to a socket that is difficult to access, or a drill to a socket far from the wall on which you want to work, etc., are all operations that require an extension cord.
  • Working environment
    Extension cords and cable reels are also indispensable in offices, shops and other businesses, especially as more and more operations are carried out with electrical devices.

  • Gardens and open spaces
    Open spaces such as gardens, courtyards and parks require ordinary maintenance activities, which must also be carried out using electrical equipment (e.g. lawn mowers, brush cutters, etc.). In these spaces it is difficult to find fixed sockets, which are often far away and difficult to access. In these cases, extension cords come into play.

  •  Industrial and construction sitesExtension cords and cable reels are also widely used in the industrial sector, and are indispensable on construction sites as well, in order to be able to transport current to wherever it is needed.

    From this brief (and certainly not exhaustive) list, it is clear that in order to choose the right extension cord and cable reel for every need, one must first consider the type of use and the area of use.

Types of extension cord and cable reels

There are various types of extension cables and cable reels on the market and, depending on certain specific characteristics, different models can be identified.

First of all, let's start by saying that, as far as extension cords are concerned, there are essentially two types:

  • Linear extension cable
    Consisting only of an electrical cable of variable length, with a plug and socket at each end. Convenient and easy to handle, but less safe, especially in areas where there are children or where there are passers-by.
    Extension with cable reelAn extension cord equipped with a cable reel, which is a kind of empty drum around which the cable is wound. The drum can be fitted with several sockets, allowing several appliances to be connected.
        There are models of extension cords equipped with an electric cable reel and with an on/off button to interrupt the current flow.

    Whether linear or equipped with a cable reel, extension cords differ in:
  • Cable length
    The first thing to consider when buying an extension cord is the length of the cable: there are various lengths available to allow the transport of current even over relatively long distances.

  • Socket type  Clearly, extension cords also differ in the type of plug and socket. It is therefore very important to assess this element as well.                                                                                                    Whatever accessories you choose, they must have one fixed feature: they must be made of quality materials and must comply with all safety parameters.

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