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Cable Unipolar Wire H05Z-K sec. 1,00 mmq Black

ErreBi code: 16624
Price for meter:3
Note: the item is sold in the meter continues.
Example: If you buy quantity 3, you will receive one continuous length of 9MT
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€2.13 (tax excl.)
(€0.87 / m)

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New product
Flexible H05Z-K) single-core cable for fixed laying with low emission of smoke and toxic corrosive gases.

Plain copper flexible wire, class 5 H05Z-K)

LS0H rubber compound, EI5 quality
LS0H = Low Smoke Zero Halogen

Cores colour
All single colours and yellow/green combination allowed

Nominal voltage Uo/U: 450/750 V
Maximum operating temperature: 90°C
Minimum installation temperature: 5°C
Maximum short circuit temperature: 250°C
Maximum tensile stress: 50 N/mm2
Minimum bending radius: 4 x maximum external diameter H05Z-K)

Use and installation
For environments containing large number of people when is needed protection against emission of smoke and toxic corrosive gases in case of fire, like schools, offices, theaters, subways, hospitals, worship places, shopping centers and places of public entertainment. Allowed for voltages up to 1000 V a.c. and 750 V d.c., for fixed and protected laying inside lighting devices and switch/control systems. Suitable for running inside visible or recessed ducts, only for signal or control circuits. Avoid skin contact if operating at high temperatures. (ref. CEI 20-40, HD 516)

EN 50525-3-41 - CEI 20-107/3-41 Construction and specifications
CEI EN 60332-1-2 Flame propagation
CEI EN 50267-2-1 - CEI EN 50267-2-2 Gas emission
CEI EN 60684-2
CEI EN 61034-2 Smoke emission
2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive
2011/65/CE RoHS Directive
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Product Details

Data sheet

Operating temperature min.
Operating temperature max.
Insulation material
LS0H (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
Conductor (Material)
Red copper
Cable section mmq
1.00 mmq
Voltage test
Type of employment
Internal Wiring
Resistance of the conductor
<= 19.5 Ohm/Km
Product type
Cable H05Z-K
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