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Interruttore Automatico per Protezione Motore MS132 20A (EP 886 4)

Codice ErreBi: 21266
Codice produttore: 1SAM350000R1013
Produttore: ABB
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General Information
Extended Product Type: MS132-20
Product ID: 1SAM350000R1013
Catalog Description: MS132-20 Manual Motor Starter
Long Description: The MS132-20 manual motor starter is a compact 45 mm width devices with a rated operational current of Ie = 20.0 A. This device is used to manually switch on and off motors and to protect them reliably and without the need for a fuse from short-circuits, overload and phase failures. The manual motor starter offers a rated service short-circuit breaking capacity Ics = 100 kA at 400 VAC and the trip class 10. Further features are the build-in disconnect function, temperature compensation, trip-free mechanism and a rotary handle with a clear switch position indication. The manual motor starter is suitable for three- and single-phase applications. The handle is lockable to protect against unauthorized changes. Auxiliary contacts, signalling contacts, undervoltage releases, shunt trips, 3-phase bus bars, power in-feed blocks are available as accessory.

Product Net Height: 97.8 mm
Product Net Depth: 86.55 mm
Product Net Weight: 0.31 kg
Product Net Width: 45 mm

Rated Ultimate Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity (Icu):
(230 V AC) 100 kA
(400 V AC) 100 kA
(440 V AC) 20 kA
(500 V AC) 20 kA
(690 V AC) 3 kA
Rated Instantaneous Short-Circuit Current Setting (Ii): 300 A
Setting Range: 16 ... 20 A
Rated Operational Power AC-3 (Pe): (400 V) Three Phase 7.5 kW
Rated Operational Voltage:
Main Circuit 690 V AC
Main Circuit 250 V DC
Rated Operational Current (Ie): 20 A
Rated Operational Current AC-3 (Ie): 20 A
Rated Operational Current DC-5 (Ie): 20 A
Rated Frequency (f):
Main Circuit 50 Hz
Main Circuit 60 Hz
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp): Main Circuit 6 kV
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui): 690 V
Power Loss: at Rated Operating Conditions per Pole 1.5 ... 2.3 W
Number of Poles: 3
Conventional Free-air Thermal Current (Ith): Main Circuit 20 A
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