Cacciavite a Croce PZ2 150mm


Technical data
- Length: 150(mm)
- Insulation: No
- Brand: ELMARK
- Warranty: 5 Yaers

- Ergonomic design for comfortable, firm grip
- Long operating life
- High level of security

- Repairing of electrical installations
- Lighting, mounting and repair

- In Chemical industry
- For low voltage networks
- In electrical stations and substations
- Telecommunications

Health and Safety:
- When working under voltage it is recommended to use dielectric carpet and gloves
- Avoid contact with water during working
- Always check with a voltage tester before touching uninsulated surfaces and elements which could be under voltage
- Check the instrument for damages before start working with it. If finding a damage the instrument should not be used

Cacciavite a Croce PZ2 150mm

Codice ErreBi: 24928
Codice produttore: 593302150
Produttore: ELMARK

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